Looking for work in accounting and finance?

Insightful Staffing is committed to helping you find just what you’re looking for in a new position. Our goal is to provide you with the direct hire and temporary staffing options that suit both your skills and personal career goals. Our staffing managers are accounting and finance professionals too. They understand your passion and are familiar with career paths in the industry. Let our experts connect you with exceptional employment.

How Insightful Staffing helps you:

Search jobs & services

Register and upload resume

Interview and discuss goals

Apply for the perfect position

Once we receive your profile, we’ll schedule phone and in-person interviews with one of our staffing managers. During the interview, we learn about your professional needs, goals, and even your personality. That insight helps us provide employers with a well rounded candidate beyond your resume or portfolio. That information ensures the emails and phone calls you receive about open positions and projects fit your background and preferences.

Positions we place candidates in

CEO  jobs

Controller jobs

Warehouse jobs

CPA Accounting jobs

Engineering jobs

Bookkeeping jobs

Credit & Collections jobs

Financial Analyst jobs

Accounting Director jobs

Payroll jobs

Senior Accountant jobs

Staff Accountant jobs

Laborers jobs

IT jobs

Cost Accounting jobs

Public Accountants jobs

Tax Accounting jobs

Accounting Clerk jobs

Jobs we place candidates in

Temporary positions give you the kind of flexibility needed if:

You are returning to the workforce after an extended absence. Get reacquainted with updates or changes in the industry with a temporary position. Our personal approach helps you transition back into the industry with confidence.

You are a newcomer to the industry. Temporary positions give you the flexibility to learn new skills, gain valuable experience, and network with other accounting and finance professionals.

We offer temporary to permanent opportunities.

Temporary positions end at a certain date that is specified during the application process. Temp-to-permanent positions have the possibility of being hired permanently at the end of the temporary period if the candidate and employer see value in the fit.

Direct hire positions place qualified candidates directly with employers who are looking for a stable, growth opportunity. Join an organization in a permanent role that suits your interests and talents with the expectation of adding deeper value as a team member over time. 

We understand that varying lifestyle and changing work environments require a more personalized approach to staffing. Allow us to get you in front of prospective employers.